The Sledbarrow is a three-in-one conditioning fitness equipment system that combines the power of a drag sled, drive sled and a training wheelbarrow all into one unique design. The Sledbarrow quickly and easily converts from setup to setup with convenient lynch pins. Add weights to the bed of the Sledbarrow to increase power during training drills. Add weights to the handles of the Sledbarrow and increase strength development during workouts and training drills. The wheelbarrow design is Sledbarrow’s most unique and functional feature. Athletes using the Sledbarrow have reported superior overall muscular fatigue and conditioning compared to other fitness equipment. This is an amazing piece of fitness equipment for sports conditioning and has been recently used for firefighter training, MMA training, personal training, sports conditioning and more!


Sledbarrow Package Includes:

  • Base unit with industrial-strength wheel
  • Strong, nylon-webbing warness for drag sled drills
  • 2 x Extension arms for wheelbarrow function
  • 1 x Push Bar (16" height)
  • Extension arms and push bar feature standard 2" diameter posts for adding Olympic plates
  • BONUS: Free introductory Sledbarrow training DVD
  • Weight of entire package: 45 lbs.


Exclusive Fitness Videos on the Sledbarrow Fitness Equipment:





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